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A Compressor With Fluid Film Bearings

This document specifies the material compositions and required properties of fluid film bearings used for vehicular turbochargers. The space between the rotating element and the thrust plate element on one side of the thrust bearing and the space between the rotating element and the thrust surface of the housing element on the other side of the thrust bearing are filled with fluid (usually air) which envelops the foil members.
For the analysis of a possibility of the accounting of Magnus effect two approaches for calculation of fluid film hydrodynamic reactions have been used: 1) on the basis of the solution of the Reynolds equation by finite elements method with a mesh 40×40 of elements; thrust bearing 2) on the basis of the solution of the Navier-Stokes equation in the Ansys CFX by finite volumes method with a grid of 50 elements on bearing length, 400 elements in the circumferential direction of the bearing and 20 elements on thickness of a fluid film.

8. The hydrostatic augmentation system of claim 1 wherein said fluid foil member of said compressor side bilateral compliant foil hydrodynamic fluid film thrust bearing includes a plurality of fluid foil pads each having a hydrodynamic converging ramp, and said orifice means includes a plurality of openings at the base of each hydrodynamic converging ramp.
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With the aim of monitoring, predicting and controlling sliding bearings' thermal, static and dynamic characteristics several types of sensing systems and electro-mechanical actuators—hydraulic, pneumatic, piezoelectric or magnetic, among others—have been coupled to such bearings allowing for different regulation and control strategies of pressure, lubricant flow and bearing clearance.
It is another object of the present invention when journal bearing cooling is desired to utilize compressor bleed air tapped off the compressor flow path before the diffuser in preference to after the diffuser since less energy is required to compress this air and because it is cooler (making a better cooling media).
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34. The hydrostatic augmentation system of claim 32 wherein the compliant foil hydrodynamic fluid film journal bearing includes a cartridge having at least one generally arcuate axially extending cooling air cavity communicating with the interior of said cartridge.
The bleed air distributed by the channels 45 in the thrust face 44 of the thrust plate 42 flows through the thrust bearing spring foil member 49 which consists of outer support foil 60, spring foil element 61, and inner support foil 62 before acting upon the fluid foil member 48.
TM 282 Journal Bearing Friction Apparatus 1 motor, 2 drip-feed lubricator, 3 journal bearing housing with shaft, 4 fixed bearing for load lever, 5 load weights, 6 leakage oil tank, 7 switch box, 8 speed sensor 1 journal bearing housing with shaft, 2 balance weight, 3 belt for force Featured Wheel Hub Bearing For Toyota images, Wheel Hub Bearing For Toyota photos gallery from gasgoo.

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