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Consider Pepper Spray Like A Personal Defense Option

Switched on the local news this evening and found out another poor lady had her handbag stolen while she was walking to her automobile at the food store. This is actually getting out of hand. I don't think I've experienced it too bad around here, and many folks are becoming just as uneasy as me.

I'm especially worried for my daughters. I'm not prepared to buy them a gun for their protection, and am unsure they're willing to consider that step also, but I want them to obtain some type of protection.

Several choices I've found are stun guns and pepper spray. I like the thought of a stun gun, however the only problem is you will need to get close enough to your attacker to touch him with the stun gun.

I would personally desire an alternative that permits my daughters to guard themselves before any possible assailant gets that close, but nevertheless have the choice to make use of it just in case he does. A close-up shot to the eyes with a burst of cayenne pepper laced pepper spray should knock anyone back several steps and immobilize them for enough time for the victim to escape.

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