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Sicoli Law Criminal Defense has been providing aggressive, effective representation to people charged with crimes for over 28 years. I had no clue of the type of lawyer that would be helping me when Mr. Kans came out of the court room with the information about what the prosecutor wanted and he didn't want to settle on that because he thought it was too much, I was amazed, relieved, and knew I had found a good lawyer.
Combining this experience with a compassion for the client and a passion for justice, she has earned a local reputation as a top lawyer in Minneapolis criminal defense, earning recognition as a Super Lawyer and spotlights in local legal publications.

Led by Douglas T. Kans, our law firm works closely with our clients to thoroughly investigate the charges made against them and unravel all relevant facts so we can provide an aggressive and effective criminal defense that will protect our clients' rights and ensure that they are not violated.
Mr. Wilson developed a strong interest in criminal law while attending law school and founded his law practice—Wilson Law Firm P.L.L.C.—in order to focus solely on the practice of criminal law and aggressively protect the important rights of his clients.

Criminal proceedings begin shortly after arrest and the prosecution starts collecting evidence immediately, making it all the more important to Criminal Attorney Minneapolis hire a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible so that you can launch your criminal defense strategy and protect your rights.
At Snider Law Firm, we strive to give clients the personal attention that your unique situation requires. Since founding his law office, Thomas Leavitt has aided people in achieving the best possible outcomes in cases involving issues such as DWI, drug offenses, robbery, theft, and violent crimes.

Kinsella & Foley Defense is ready, willing and able to help you as experienced Minneapolis Criminal Lawyers. I will provide legal guidance and clear communication at every stage of your case — whether you are under investigation, have been charged with a crime, are headed to trial, are preparing an appeal or seeking post-conviction relief.
Such a lawyer can also arrange for a team of experts that may be able to challenge the test result or other evidence gathered at the time of your driving while intoxicated arrest. Our office together with the other three trial team attorneys has filed an appellate reply brief in October 2011 and is awaiting notice of oral arguments being scheduled before the court.

We offer overall legal counsel to each of our clients. Mr. Wilson provides flexible payment options; offers payment plans; and accepts all major credit cards, Paypal , cash, check and money orders in order to make his private legal defense representation available to a broad base of clients.
By taking the time to learn these facts, North Star Criminal Defense develops and implements a personalized legal strategy that will serve you best. Gerald Miller has helped over 10,000 people over the past 30 years, and continues to assist those who are facing DWI and DUI prosecutions in the Minnesota and Minneapolis area.

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