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People v. R.W. - Our client was charged with a DUI in which they flipped another car, knocked down a tree, and there were multiple witnesses. After the administrative judge hears, and sees, all the evidence relating to the four (4) questions listed above, they will issue something referred to as a Notice of Findings and Facts.” In this document, the administrative judge will decide whether or not to set aside” the DMV license suspension against you.
Matthew demanded a DMV hearing and challenged the stop of the client arguing that the accused was stopped illegally and his constitutional rights were violated, the DMV agreed and dismissed all charges against the client and returned his driving privileges.

International students facing DUI or criminal charges should consult with the immigration and criminal defense attorneys of Chudnovsky Law in order to minimize the effects on their ability to continue to study in the US. UCLA students arrested for DUI should contact Chudnovsky Law's UCLA DUI lawyer to skillfully fight their case.
DUI law is amended constantly so there might be changes in law that you're not aware of. It's also a frightening experience to stand before DUI Lawyer Los Angeles the judges and prosecutors so having a competent Los Angeles Dui Attorney to be there on your side can be a great assistance for you.

Depending on where the DUI offense occurred, and other factors that can include whether there was an auto accident with injuries , your DUI case will be prosecuted by either the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office or the City Attorney's Office.
For example, if a DUI is reduced to dry reckless driving (California Vehicle Code 23103 VC), it has greatly reduced penalties including no SR22 insurance, not being considered a "priorable" offense for future DUI charges, and reduced penalties and fines.
For example, I have seen a case where the defendant was ordered into court upon such a false positive” reading and all the defense attorney argued to the court is that the history of the accused showed absolutely no other detections of alcohol by the SCRAM device and that this had to be an unusual circumstance.

With recent changes in recreational marijuana many of our clients receive DUI charges for driving under the influence of marijuana Because it is a newly passed law, and the legislature still has to work through the different issues, there is a sense of confusion as to what is legal and illegal.

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