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Esau & The Unpardonable Sin

In the case of Jacob, there is the quiet man. Esau is the man whose god was his belly, to use Paul’s expression in Philippians chapter 3, and “Jacob is the man whose God was Jehovah,” to use one of the psalmist’s expressions. You know, all of us, and I can speak to those of you who are still under the headship of your mother and father and in their household, all of us are like it when we're spared the consequences of our sin. And most of us don't like it when our parents make us face the consequences of our sin. And it is one of the great curses of this day that there are parents who don't want their children to face the consequences of sin.
The pottage smells savoury there, as it smokes in the dish before him. The birthright is a long way off, very unsubstantial, very ideal, and the thing that is nearest him, though it be small, shuts out from his view the far greater thing that lies beyond. Therefore he elects to secure present gratification of a material character, whatever becomes of future satisfaction of a higher and more spiritual nature.

If anyone can talk to me I would appreciate it. I am completely alone, I committed this sin of Esau. I can’t seem to give up completely though- something seems to stop me.
See whether this is not a thought which would spoil that enjoyment which even religious persons are apt to take in this world's goods, if they would but admit it. It is said that we ought could Esau not repent to enjoy this life as the gift of God. We desire, and confess we desire, to make time pass agreeably, and to live in the sunshine. All things harsh and austere are carefully put aside.

But in eating that stew, he was cutting himself off from his one hope, his one source of air, his one source of life. He gave in to his fleshly impulses to breathe something which could not give him life. And he refused to wait for the one thing which could give him life. B. And that’s why we’re so vulnerable to the sin of Esau.
Observe, he showed no repentance for what he had done, no self-reproach; he had no fear that God would punish him. He only regretted his loss, without humbling himself; and he determined to retrace his steps as quickly and quietly as he could. He went to hunt for venison, and dress it as savoury meat for his father, as his father bade him. And having got all ready, he came with it and stood before his father.
The pinnacle of his creation is humanity, Adam and Eve, made in God’s image. As image bearers they are to steward God’s creation and spread the Glory of God over the whole world. They fail at this completely by disobeying God, seeking to to be gods themselves instead of being content with being made in the true God’s image. Now humanity is under the curse of sin with no hope to save themselves unless God acts on their behalf. God promises to act and points forward to a redeemer who will come and save people from their sin.

Esau knew afterward that he had acted foolishly in selling his birthright, but he had no opportunity for getting it back, for Jacob would not give it up. Repentance means a change of mind, and Esau sought to change his (father"s) mind. Esau had discovered a great readiness to part with his birthright and all that was annexed to it by divine institution, not considering, it seems, what it was significant of as to matters spiritual and heavenly. Hence he put so little value upon it, as to give it up for one morsel of meat.
I keep falling into despair and I feel like it’s all my fault for not taking everything seriously. I am filled with so much fear and dread it hits me as soon as I wake up. 6 If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.
Your repentance is not what earns your favor with God. Jesus is the only one who could ever earn God’s favor. Those who are saved simply come to Jesus asking Him to save them. God does not put us in a bind of wanting to truly repent in this life without being able to.

They were twins, they were brought up together, and they were together constantly. Mother fed one and the other; you can just see Rebekah, just like this, twins. Twins, someone has said, is the living proof there is no such thing as free will. But, you can see that these two constantly together had equal opportunities, but the attitudes that they had were different.
Paul, a man used mightily by God describes himself as a wretched man due to the struggles with sin he experienced. Sanctification is a lifelong process which is not completed in this life. But I’ve grievously sinned over and over, despite knowing it was wrong.

Focus on one step, one thought, at a time. Our minds become bogged down in too many thoughts at once. If you BELIEVE that Jesus died for your sins, that He was raised from the dead … whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Do you feel Love For Jesus In your heart?

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