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Full Face Snorkelling Mask

If you’re a pretty chill snorkeler and quite happy snorkeling at the surface, then full-face snorkel masks can be a great option. If you’re an active snorkeler and duck-dive below the surface – shallow freediving like in my bio image – you’ll definitely prefer a traditional mask. As water depth increases, pressure likewise increases, and it’s necessary to equalize the air in the sinus cavity and in the mask to avoid discomfort and possible sinus or ear damage. With traditional snorkel masks, this is easy to do because of low volume of air trapped in the mask. If you’re looking for a top-quality full face snorkel mask then this is the one for you. There’s very little more you could want from a full face snorkel.
If you’re fashion savvy, framaed masks are also available in a variety of colors, adding a touch of style to your snorkel mask. All good snorkels have a purge valve, this is a one way valve and is what allows you to blow into the snorkel to force the water out so you can breathe through it again. Attach the snorkel to snorkeling packages the mask and put the mouthpiece in your mouth. Doing that should not significantly change how the mask fits on your face. In order to make sure that your snorkeling mask has a proper fit, it’s a good idea to measure your face before buying one. Check if your face is narrow or wide, and the distance between your eyes.

It has a comfortable silicone mask, wide straps, an anti-fog air system, a purge valve and a dry snorkel. One aspect of a full face mask that may be considered either a pro or con depending on personal preference is the wider angle of view over traditional snorkel masks. Full face snorkel masks have become popular over the last few years, yet there are many safety and general experience issues that snorkelers should be aware of. Whilst you should avoid the super cheap full-face snorkel masks, there are still some reliable and safe options for those on a budget.
I have seen reports of a number of deaths of people using full face masks. Having used the mask on a number of occasions I am now worried about using it in the future. The best full face snorkeling mask for you really depends on factors such as your budget and how often you go snorkeling. So, before you go snorkeling, weather it’s with a Full Face Mask or a regular snorkel mask, make sure you know how to Snorkel and know the environment you go out in.
This product is at the lower end of the price spectrum but is praised for its secure fit, crystal clear vision, and ease of breathing. Most people can wear an all in one snorkel mask with a little practice. Some people feel claustrophobic to start; some find it more reassuring from the get-go; it’s down to personal choice.

Lens – The lens of a snorkeling mask can be either single or double. Lenses are usually made out of durable and scratch-resistant tempered glass. An anti-reflective coating provides clear vision underwater.
Repeat this a few time and your mask should be ready to use. The issue with a new mask is that while producing the mask a thin coat of silicone sticks to the mask lens. This silicone will make your usual de-fogging measures worthless. It’s quite common that a new mask fogs up no matter what kind of anti-fog measure you’ll take. Without having tested this, I’d think the Aqua lung would be a great fit. In quality, they are very similar and both of them will do great for the needs you described.

DRY TOP SYSTEM-Unique inlet and outlet valves are used,stop salt water from getting into your mouth and prevents gagging. Furthermore, the sizing chart allows you to choose the correct size according to your face to fit appropriately. Because if it doesn’t, you might face problems associated with the mask falling off or leaking. An inappropriate mask can also hinder your vision and make breathing difficult. Along with a detachable camera mount, an anti-fog and anti-leak design, and the availability of several different colors, this snorkel mask features easy greeting for beginners and younger individuals. But if you’re looking to discover an underwater universe of sea life on Maui’s world-famous beaches during your holiday, the dry-mouth snorkel is an easy decision.
Because breathing should be easy and snorkeling should be fun. Take in the view instead of fussing with your mask or inhaling water. This full-face snorkel and mask combo let you breathe naturally through your nose and mouth. The dry top snorkel keeps water from seeping in, too, so you can admire the stunning underwater scenery.
You can't talk to your buddies on the surface unless you take off the whole thing. One of the best things about snorkelling over scuba is the ability to chat - point things out, and shout out to each other at the surface. Saying that though, if you are literally beside your buddy you can talk properly (though still a bit muffled!) while submerged since your mouth is completely free to move. They allow you to breathe naturally using both your nose and mouth.

ACTION CAMERA MOUNT - Go with your pro camera to capture oceanic views in our panoramic scuba snorkeling mask. If you’re into aesthetics, you will love this snorkeling mask. It comes with adjustable head straps, an anti-fog and anti-leak design, and five different color options. Plus, they offer a larger viewing area compared to the traditional masks. Furthermore, this snorkeling mask’s weight is 25% lighter than all of your other diving gear.
Oh, by the way… someone also started producing full-face and other types of masks with convex / curved ports! Your products are an instant headache, and the need for plan-parallel glass surface in front of both eyes has been known for ages already. Using the snorkel for inhaling and venting the exhalation through the mask sides brings all the advantages of a, say, scuba regulator – even the single-stage models. In operation, the snorkeller would be inhaling fresh air down the snorkel, washing the fog off the inner mask plate. We’ve added an update today to the post, a summary of Subea’s standards and test results and there is a link to their official site with the documentation of the testing process and certification uploaded.

A good thing about these masks is that you can attach a camera and record all your underwater adventures. If you like to take photos underwater, this is a great opportunity. When you are scuba diving, you can also attach a camera to your mask, but you’ll get bubbles coming out of your regulator and going up.
You will be able to observe everything that happens around you underwater with a 180° panoramic view. Lightly colored face seal for those who want to match the summer, beach, mood. Plus, the new design with separate chambers to inhale and exhale enables you to snorkel for longer and reduce the need to take breaks.

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