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How Do I Resolve My Msn Hotmail Sign

This is a phishing for your wallet email. Tried to log on, on a different device and I get the message that my email is not recognised. I’ve had this issue for over a month now on my laptop.
In the last few days, all my email has disappeared. I had several seriously hotmail login page important things there that I don’t think I can recover.

I got a message on my phone to put in my password, but I was unable to due to no data found. Down in Maidstone Kent UK via Desktop and Apple. Says mail server is not responding.
Won’t move messages and want my outlook password which I do not have! cant login to hotmail in uk devon,,been like it for couple hours . Can’t get into my hotmail account. Exactly same situation as described by ‘Caitlin Mithrush…Surrey B.C.” below. Outlook is down in Lanham, MD, Same thing as everyone is reporting.
I just opened my email and it completely changed to Outlook. All the features are different, and I don’t love it. I don’t even think I clicked anything. I have however managed to log in via the Hotmail web site with ease. As of yesterday 4/5/16, I have not been able to retrieve e-mails either on my desktop Outlook, or even via my IPhone device. The IPhone is stating there is a POP3 issue and the password is incorrect. I can not see my mails, the last one which is visible is from october 2014.

I was switched to Outlook and now cannot access my Hotmail account. I have forgotten my password, which makes matters worse. Is there anyway I can get back to a saner, more stable system, instead of this constant jockeying by Hotmail/Outlook to change everything every few months/years?
Been really bad for the past 2-3 weeks. Have tried everything to improve it—no luck. All other sites and email accounts are working fine.

This is now similar to gmail which is very frustrating. Although, I do prefer being able to see all my emails just by scrolling down the page instead of having to click next page. Since the automatic change from hotmail to outlook I have had problems on my mac laptop and mac computer.
Office 365 includes fifteen plus applications with a similar look and feel meaning Penn Staters will not have to learn new software to work together. Applications including Yammer, Teams, and Video provide more opportunities for communication through online chats or video conferencing. I need more computer questions. If you have a computer question -- or even a computer problem that needs fixing --please email me with your question so that I can write more articles like this one. I can't promise I'll respond to all the messages I receive , but I'll do my best.
Once it is downloaded, install the app on your phone. Next, click on the sign in option seen at the bottom of the page to enter your inbox. You will be taken to the Microsoft’s Outlook sign in page. It's Microsoft's way of expediting access across multiple synced devices.

The problem with the one on the phone is that my phone is telling me to put in the pw every 10 seconds, if I do, it starts ask the same thing again. Highly annoying also as I can’t properly use the phone anymore. i can’t sign in from India, I thought someone cracked my password, but now i am glad there are others too dealing with this problem.
Let’s see if everything else works. I was able to get in by setting up a NEW profile in “Exchange” when it asks to “Add Account” – works same as always. It’s not letting me sign in directly from my iPhone email app and settings but it will on my PC and on safari. Hotmail won’t allow me to login on my iPhone in U.K. Hotmail back on for desktop logged in thru But still cannot connect on iPhone or iPad. Glad to see I’m not alone on this in Alberta Canada.
It can be frustrating if your Hotmail account gets blocked unknowingly and you can’t log in while you need it the most. Sometimes email service provider temporarily blocks your account if it caught on any suspicious activities on your account. Generally, if your account is found involved in spamming then you might get blocked. Many of Hotmail login problems are not actual problems; you can solve them without any problem. While some of the issues are big and you need help from Microsoft.

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