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Judgment Recovery

These days it can't be argued that judgment recovery systems and of course deed grabber programs have become the go to choice as new businesses. Representation of a Ukrainian real estate development company in an action in the British Virgin Islands regarding the recognition and enforcement of a London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) arbitration award obtained in London and related issues of payment on a call option agreement.
2 Donald McInnes, Wilfred Shakespeare, George Robertson, all of Halifax, in the County of Halifax, and Edward H.S. Piper of Montreal, in the Province of Quebec, and such other persons as, pursuant to this Act, become members of the Company constituted by this Act, are hereby constituted a body corporate under the name of Judgment Recovery (N.S.) Ltd herein referred to as the "Company".

The Czech tax authorities denied (partly) the VAT correction, on the ground that the Czech VAT Law does not allow a correction of the amount of the tax if the debtor has ceased to be a taxable person, which was the case as regards Delpharmea Nutraceuticals.
Marketing directly to businesses is another good way to go, and a fantastic way to cater to a specific 'niche.' These days, for me personally, nearly all of my current judgments are assigned from either businesses I've developed a relationship with, or referrals from attorneys and paralegals in my area.

An established customer of ours appeared to think that he had an option of whether he wanted to pay our bill for providing services that he had requested.After chasing him for several weeks we asked Expert Collections to deal with the matter on our customer still refused to cooperate and didn't even respond to their communications for a while.However, once again Expert Collections won through and recovered our outstanding fees.
Well, thank heavens, there are various legal software applications or judgment recovery software tools that are widely available, one of the best and cost effective ones include the JRSM V1. Such software can do all your case tracking, client tracking, judgment recovery tracking and legal form filling tasks within a matter of minutes.
Usually owning to the fact that the debtor has a regular and consistent job, you as the judgment recovery specialist can garnish the wages relatively quickly, in such a way that the debtor is able to sustain his lifestyle at the same time is able to pay the judgment amount, provided that there no other garnishments with a higher priority than yours, levied on him.

Asset tracing and recovery efforts on behalf of an African bank of £15 million+ stolen in an elaborate fraud scheme perpetrated on the bank by a purported commodities importer, involving investigations or legal actions in London, New York, Nigeria, and Ghana.
In the real word few debtors if any ever voluntarily pay which makes the judgment creditor responsible for collecting the judgment. We know how to collect judgments. Under such circumstances, engaging a private investigator to conduct a court judgment investigation is the most effective course of action.

We then enter a volunteer collection phase, in which we contact your debtor through a post-judgment letter by certified first class mail. Debt recovery attorneys available to you. There is no guarantee we can or will collect your judgment but here is how we go about the process of collecting and enforcing the judgments that are otherwise sitting idle.

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