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Pu Sandwich Panel Producers

The Bradbury Group can supply full, steady, polyurethane-filled panel Production lines from entry coil handling to exit-end packaging. The continuous Production line for rigid polyfoam laminated panel with colour metal facings is a form of specialized gear used for producing shade-metal sided sandwich panels with the middle layer of anti-combustion polyurethane, polyisocyanurate or phenolic foam plastic.
Especially Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Production Line(sandwich panel machine) is the automation equipment that can repeatedly and effectively produce polyurethane sandwich panels of beautiful polyurethane sandwich panel machine and numerous shapes. As an insulation materials, both mineral wool, polyurethane or with a Combi line answer both can be utilized.

ARTIFEX INFRA pu sandwich panels are the most sturdy thermal insulating materials in the building industry. In the continuous process, all the used materials are processed collectively, and the utterly fashioned panel is reduce to the specified length without stopping the road.
IL KWANG METALLIC FORMING CO LTD had already entered into greater than sixty eight nations world market by offering affordable and comparative costs, high sturdiness and high quality of merchandise and with the very best customer providers. There are three utility that the chilly room panel, sandwich wall panel, polyurethane sandwich roof panel(our roof panel is the four waves roof panel normally).
Sandwich panels with versatile layers (aluminum, glass fiber sheets, asphalt paper) aren't rollformed. Sandwich panel machine adapts hydraulic de-molding system, Sandwich panel machine is fast and convenient, additionally appropriate for pallet stacking.

As usual invariably, IL KWANG STEEL FORMING CO LTD has at all times been centered on differentiated technology to meet the customer's needs and expectation. Since 1988, when IL KWANG METALLIC FORMING CO LTD established and began improvement of sandwich panel Production line(sandwich panel machine) automation in addition to mineral wool and EPS sandwich panel Production line(sandwich panel machine).
3, Before installation polyurethane wall panel, it should first mounting plate backside water retaining plate and the bottom of the window to block water board, water retaining plate and wall body beam connection with self tapping screw fixation.

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