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For a quarter century, Rebecca Wallace has created and carried out communications strategies for dozens of advocacy groups, chambers of commerce, nonprofits and state and local governments. Trustee further argued that the issue of whether Cass retained a beneficial interest in the Residence other than a life estate was barred because the bankruptcy court had already ruled in the Homestead Exemption Order that no portion of the sale proceeds were subject to Cass's claimed homestead exemption.
We also note that, although it is not the basis for our decision, Trustee did not provide in the record any of the underlying documents filed in the homestead exemption matter to support his Rebecca Wallace Launch Recruitment contention about what the bankruptcy court "necessarily decided." We further reject Trustee's contention that Cass's remainder interest would have been subject to a homestead exemption.

Trustee contends that the Abstract did not attach under CCP § 697.340(a), because it was not filed until after the transfer and, because the transfer was not avoided until May 29, 2008, the Abstract had nothing to which it could attach at the time of recordation in 2005 other than Cass's life estate, which lapsed upon her death.
With permanent hiring curtailed in most businesses save for critical roles, extra levels of sign-off along with general uncertainty about the market are causing many employers to push out candidates' start dates, says Launch Group CEO Rebecca Wallace.

Abby from Moira Primary School and Rebecca from Wallace High School attended the launch as Flahavan's hope to inspire a new generation of local sporting talent with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games by introducing them to athletics and the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.
The Judgment Creditors essentially argued that their Abstract attached to the Residence when it was filed on November 1, 2005, in one of two ways: (1) Cass was the owner or the equitable owner of the Residence when the Abstract was recorded, so it attached pursuant to CCP § 697.340(a); or (2) because Cass was guilty of a fraudulent transfer, such transfer was "void" and could be disregarded by creditors, so the Abstract attached to the Residence and then to the proceeds, and Trustee's subsequent acquisition of bare title could not defeat the prior recorded Abstract.
The bankruptcy court then held that because Cass had at least an equitable interest in the Residence, despite the purported transfer of the remainder interest to Zeman, and because CCP § 697.340(a) provides that a judgment lien attaches to all interests in real property, including equitable interests, the Judgment Creditor's judgment lien attached to this interest when they recorded the Abstract per CCP § 697.310(a).

It determined that the Avoidance Judgment did not address, let alone adjudicate, the issues related to the Judgment Creditors' claims of: (1) whether the judgment lien from the recorded Abstract attached to the Residence; (2) whether the judgment lien is superior to Trustee's interests; or (3) whether the transfer from Cass to Zeman was void or voidable.
The bankruptcy court entered its Memorandum Decision in favor of the Judgment Creditors and dismissing Trustee's complaint on August 31, 2012. The trial in the Fraudulent Transfer Lawsuit was scheduled to begin on January 8, 2007, but was stayed once Cass filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy case on January 5, 2007.

In deciding that Trustee had not met his burden of establishing the elements for issue preclusion to the Homestead Exemption Order, the bankruptcy court was interpreting its own order, and we give substantial deference to that interpretation. The Judgment Creditors asserted that, despite the transfer, Cass had retained exclusive use, possession and control of the Residence within the meaning of CCC § 3439.04(b)(2).
A senior business leader with strong transformational, technology and digital experience, Hilda has been engaged in a range of sectors for the last three decades. Rebecca Wallace is the founder and CEO of the Launch Group. Real and authentic relationships with clients and candidates are what drive us. Our purpose at Launch is for our customers to reach their highest potential, both in our clients' businesses and in our candidates' careers.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the proportion of people who worked 50 hours or more increased from 14 to 15 per cent between 1979 and 2009. As for Trustee's resulting trust theory, we fail to see where he raised this argument before the bankruptcy court.

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