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Pepper Spray A Powerful Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapon

The world we are living in can be dangerous from time to time. Whether walking down a lonely metropolis street or trekking along a wooded trail, an unexpected attack can happen. Males and females alike tend to be at risk, but as a girl I feel particularly susceptible due to my limited physical stren…

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Effective Mace Pepper Spray For A Woman

Is it time to begin safeguarding yourself from attackers who may be lingering outdoors? Ladies who want to stay safe are encouraged to look at a great Mace pepper spray. It will keep you protected as long as you have it on you constantly. And you can bet on it.

Those females who wish to feel secu…

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Pepper Spray That Joggers Should Always Carry

Running is a nice thing if you’re into it. But, running could also be unsafe if you’re not careful. This is more so correct for any women that really enjoy to run, and might not be able to do so anytime the traffic is out and there are a number of people out and about.

This is why security shoul…

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Pepper Gel

Relating to self-protection, pepper spray is among the only, cheap, easy-to-use, and available weapons you'll be able to have. Comply with the first support directions that had been included together with your unit if the pepper spray comes into contact along with your skin. The Pepper Spray cartri…

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The Way To Select Pepper Spray

Self defense spray is likewise called OC, short for its chemical name Oleoresin Capsicum. Among the best general-purpose self-defense tools possibly developed, a lot of law enforcement officials in the US carry it. Many years of street-use by law enforcement have proved it safe and effective.

What d…

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Being Sprayed With Defense Spray Hurts A Whole Lot!

I know what you are actually pondering, that I should know that pepper spray hurts simply by the name. I always considered that the reactions of people on television were way over dramatic, however it appears they are genuine.

My night started great, I was in a great event with great buddies. Next th…

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Why Consider Having Pepper Spray

Defense spray, or typically known as Mace, is a superb tool in safeguarding oneself once you feel that you may be facing an immediate danger. So long as you have it ready for use, such as on your key chain and in your hand, it is possible to thwart an attack or likely theft.

The chemical substances …

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